Welcome to Breakthrough!

Welcome to Breakthrough Schools, the highest-rated network of free, non-profit, public charter schools in Cleveland, Ohio.

Near West Intergenerational School, one of our highly ranked free public charter schools in Cleveland, Ohio

Our public charter schools are recognized nationally as the best charter schools in Cleveland for our innovative educational models & proven results. Our public charter schools have high expectations for everyone – children and adults – and believe in every student. Like all the best public charter schools, we do what’s best for our students, and make sure every child receives a high-quality education to prepare them for success in college and in life.

Students from Citizens Leadership Academy at a local farmers market

Our mission is to develop a growing network of distinctive school options that prepare Cleveland area students for success in life. Our schools have been recognized as the best performing schools in Cleveland, honored by local, state, and national organizations for excellence in teaching, leadership, and student achievement. We currently serve more than 2,500 K-8 students across seven campuses:

  • The Intergenerational School
  • Near West Intergenerational School
  • Lakeshore Intergenerational School
  • E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs
  • E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills
  • Citizens Academy
  • Citizens Academy East
  • Citizens Leadership Academy

What makes Breakthrough unique? We know that students thrive in different settings, and that teachers thrive in different settings. Because of this, our schools offer distinct educational models to our students, families, teachers, and community. Each of our schools is part of one of these exciting, proven, effective school models. Click here to learn more about our unique approach to education and offering real choices to our community.

While educationally unique, all our schools are built on our shared Breakthrough principles:

  • We always put children’s needs first, in every decision we make
  • We hold everyone to high expectations, from our kindergartners to our board chair
  • We share a never give up attitude, no matter what it takes
  • We believe in our students, and know that every child can learn and excel

Combining our shared principles with our unique educational models, we are able to deliver a portfolio of unique, effective educational options to our community, especially our students. This nationally innovative approach is working:

In 2013, our students — more than 84% low income and 96% minority  — significantly outperformed Ohio public school students (urban and suburban) on average on every single test at every single grade level. Congratulations to our wonderful teachers, leaders, and especially our students and families on another amazing year. Click here to read more about our results.

Breakthrough Schools is also very proud to be the first recipient of Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) funding and support in Ohio. CSGF invests in high-quality urban charter networks committed to growing to serve more children. Read more about this prestigious investment on the CSGF website.

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